Thursday, September 18, 2014

lake chelan camping 2014

i came with my family camping to the lake chelan state park for over 25 years. i have the best memories tied into this place. the very best. and all i've ever wanted was to share this place with my kiddos and husband. and honestly, i'm hoping to create new memories with my young family. now, bennett is probably more the hotel kind of vacation guy, while i am more the stay in the tent under the stars kind of girl. so, i'm not sure he is crazy about camping, but i know that he is crazy about lake chelan- so it's a win win. and lets be honest- camping is hard and it's hard with little ones. but thankfully, i'm not someone who thinks everything is suppose to be easy. 

this trip kicked off summer for us and it was everything i hoped it would be. we bought a tent for 12 people. it was luxurious. and i'm pretty sure it's the only way to camp. we cooked almost all of our meals (even cinnamon rolls) over the campfire. we boated. we swam. we drank. we went into town for our coffee. we fished. we went to the camp store- every day for candy. it was a sweet little trip.