Wednesday, April 16, 2014

sam, 7 months

the biggest changes from him at 6 months to now 7 months is how much he is enjoying playing with his toys. i just plop him on the ground and put a bunch of stuff at his hands and feet and he's pretty content. i was wondering when he was going to like playing with stuff. now i know. at 7 months! this chunk is a snuggle bunny. he loves to be loved. bennett is obsessed with him. bennett really loves babies (isn't that cute?!). so he gets lots of loves between luke, bennett, me and my mom. he is obsessed with my mom. you should see him just lounge on her. it's the funniest thing. she can hold him forever and he is just as content as content can be. and he lights up like nobody's business for her. pretty cute. again, i feel so lucky to have my mom 5 minutes away. 

oh, and while it's true this guy rarely cries... it does happen. see evidence below.

Monday, April 14, 2014


on mondays, it's just me and sam. these days are super quiet without luke. if i have work, i do that. i clean the house. i do laundry. i grocery shop. i do yard work. and this guy is always just happy to do all those things with me. i'm pinching myself right now because i just am obsessed with both the ages my boys are at. they are both the best. luke at almost 3 is seriously delicious. i try to eat him up- i seriously do. he's just so funny. such a ham. so loud. so full of himself. so loving. and just so awesome. & sam at 7 months is so animated, happy, quiet, and simple. he needs my boob, his naps, some toys and he's good. i can honestly say i don't need to be reminded about how wonderful this time is. i get it. i know it flies by. i have a feeling when i'm old and gray, i will always look back at this time as the absolute sweetest. so many wonderful times ahead, but i'm not so sure any as sweet as these. 

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Back when Sam boy was 6 months

because today he is 7 months (on the nose) and per usual, i am behind on my boy's stats. this picture is when he was 6 months old. this nugget and i traveled to arizona for a whole week. he got to soak up his girl cousins, uncle ryan and the sunshine- and having me just to himself of course. 

in sam's 6 month he got 2 teeth! his bottom ones. he started to eat solids. and he loves them. duh. he has been sitting for a month. he started to roll from his back to his stomach. he is loving his feet. and has started to enjoy toys and picking up things. he takes 2 naps pretty much on the dot. 9 am, and 2 pm. he goes to bed at 7 pm, and usually wakes up around 3:30-4:30. i'd love this to be longer, but am not too worried. we still swaddle him and put him in a sleep sack. one arm is always out. he uses his binky but no where near as much as Luke. he will take it to calm himself but ends up spitting it out. he is the happiest guy. so quick to smile. i'm obsessed with this. he makes everyone around him happier. he really does. luke still loves him so much. luke calls him sam boy, so that has become his nickname. these two are already buddies. can't wait to see this develop even more. 

(pic taken on uncle ryan's golf course in march).

Monday, March 31, 2014

our last hoorah

we managed to have awesome spring sunshine up at the mountain for what i believe is our last stay of the season. we celebrated bennett and daniel's 35th birthday there this year. a great weekend as always.