Monday, December 15, 2014

october iphone snaps

he continues to win hearts

he is still my crafting pal
 he got called a girl 3 times while we ran errands
 a full walker and being a big kid at the park
 i hate being in pictures. but it has to be noted- me with my kids. i get it, i get it, but ack.
 my mom and luke

 just admiring this blue eyed, red head buddy of mine
 his tucked in lip
 that time i put together a girls night and we stayed out pretty dang late
 that time i put my hair over luke's head and we laughed so hard.

 that time we took sam out to dinner 
 that time we got pumpkins at the grocery store

 that time i collected leaves in woodinville
 that time i gave sam cookies after his nap
 that time luke kissed sam out of no where
 holding hands with my oldest boy
 still a binky kid when he sleeps
 that time luke made a little friend at the park
 that time we found sam's name in the ground
 that time bennett got home from work and i videoed it and took pics. my kids love when 'daddy' gets home
 little seahawk fan
 we grew these 3 mini pumpkins
 took my boy out for a cup cake
 the first day in octoberi layered the boys up. started to feel a chill
 carved our pumpkins
 got good report cards at the dentist office

 that time sam twerked
 just photographing feet and leaves
 nakes (always) with 1/3 of his halloween costume on
 trip to arizona to visit cousins
 selfie time
 selfie, but with sam
 luke and all his boy cousins
 the desert

 after hours swimming session
 loving on uncle ryan
 that time sam fell flat on his back, but first, let me take a picture

 all the brown cousins
 plane ride home

 three little redheads sitting in a tree

 arizona cousins walking the line
 rebel is an old man
 this guy and i are thick as thieves
 cutest lion ever

 that time they scouted photography locations with me

 that time luke was a race car/hydro racer
 dinner and drinks for my birthday

 that time i dressed up for halloween

 getting ready for winter
 daylight savings time hit us hard with kiddos up at 4:30 AM- so we were at the park by 8 am

 leaves everywhere
 sam got a double ear infection- and a trip to the ER, because he had a 104.9 temp
 celebrating oma's bday
 hanging on great grandpa milton's lap- this guy is 95!

 hanging out under our prettiest tree

 sushi with my best friend and mom
 these eye lashes.
 cottage lake ducks

 luke's favorite thing is making a nest, popping some pop corn and getting sips of my diet coke while we watch a movie
 the temps seriously dropped!
 luke and i collected everything we could for this art around the yard
 love my little puppy dog
 end of october- trees are bare- sky is gorgeous!